Attended Spoken Hindi

Recently, I went to chandigarh and amritsar for a 10-day trip. Having spent my entire life in tamil nadu, I thought that I would be finding it very difficult to manage the 10 days in north india. Thanks to sona shanbhag madam. I was able to talk to people about the directions of various locations in the city, how to go there, what are the all the places to see. I was able to bargain while shopping. I was able to converse well with tuktuk drivers. I was able to understand what others are trying to say and in fact, I was able to respond to them quite decently in hindi language, though not fluently. All because of her. I was her student for nearly two months. But later due to time management, I could not continue the classes. But now, I got the confidence that I could manage entirely, all alone, without any difficulty, in north india. So once again, I am planning to continue my journey as her student. Now I feel that if I continue my classes with her for another year or so, I can converse very well without hesitation. We need to understand that one cannot become a master in a language within a month or so. So I need to work hard. So with the help of sona madam, I think hindi will not be a ghost for me anymore. Thanks a lot madam. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. Love you a lot as much as how a student loves her teacher.