About us

About us

We provide Online spoken Hindi class for corporates, professionals, employees working in companies and industries, aspirants, school students those who elected Hindi as their first language.

We have fourteen Years of experience in conducting spoken Hindi class.
We have trained more than thousand five hundred learners so for.

Who We Are

Sri Atharva Language Coaching has been established on 6th July, 2011 and is situated in Nanganallur.

Our Vision

We have trained nearly thousands of students in spoken Hindi both offline and online mode. Our vision is to provide quality spoken Hindi class for our learners and motivate them to achieve their desired goals. Language should not be a hindrance in their progress.
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We are passionate about our work

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Students Testimonials

What our students say

I am incredibly pleased with my Hindi teacher’s expertise and teaching style. Am sure that within 30 days you will have a confidence that you can talk to someone in fluent Hindi.
Mukesh Kk
Hyderabad, Telangana
Excellent and friendly teacher. Active and lively class with real life dialogues and scenarios. Helps me understand day to day spoken Hindi and grammar. Daily practice with fine tuning is really helpful. Also provides audio lessons for home practice. Definitely recommend for spoken Hindi.
Dr Vani Vijay
Adyar, Chennai
I took Sona Madam’s spoken Hindi classes, and I really enjoyed them and learned a lot in a short amount of time. The advantages of studying with Sona madam include: 1) Simplified pronouns with Tamil translations, 2) Simple Hindi tenses and easy rules to remember, and, most importantly, 3) Conversation-based instruction that will give you more confidence when speaking Hindi. I gained a lot of knowledge and would strongly advise anyone who wants to learn spoken Hindi through Tamil to do so.