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The interaction in the native language ensures better business prospects. Of course, clients find it comfortable when they are given an opportunity to communicate in their own language. Gradually, English which is regarded as lingua-franca in India takes second place to Hindi. It is mandatory for us to speak in Hindi to attract domestic clients. Besides, Hindi is given notable recognition in the international processes as well.


Most of the corporates, organizations, institutes etc. expect their employees to speak in Hindi to maximize their business. It has become mandatory for those employees to learn spoken Hindi to retain their position in their organizations and to attain promotions and higher positions.

Training Approach

Mrs. Sona Shanbhag, tutor of our organization Sri Atharva Language Coaching hailed from Sangli, Maharashtra. She is fluent in seven languages such as Hindi, Tamizh, Marathi, Kannada, Konkani, Sanskrit and English. She is able to communicate with people without any hindrance. Teaching Hindi in the medium of regional language adds value to our language coaching. She creates friendly learning environment to teach her learners online spoken Hindi class. As the sentence structure is same in most of the Indian regional languages, it is easy for the learners to attend online spoken Hindi class without any difficulties. She teaches the learners spoken Hindi with her unique techniques through online using google meet.

Teaching Strategy

Initially learners are introduced to basic elements of spoken Hindi such as vocabulary, number and counting etc. and they are taught to construct basic sentences in our online spoken Hindi class. Learners are given time to memorize the above-mentioned elements in spoken Hindi and thereafter they are put in to various conversation practice with their learning peers. It is easy for learners to learn spoken Hindi since Thamizh is used as the medium to teach to understand and speed up the learning process.

Teaching Mode

We conduct classes online using google meet. After completing the joining process, the google meet link will be provided to attend the class. Learning material (booklet) and audio material will be shared with the learners which is the complement of online spoken Hindi class.

Outcome of the Course

As it is said, “The proof of the pudding is in eating”, we invite you experience friendly learning environment in our online spoken Hindi class. Thousands of students got benefitted in our online spoken Hindi class throughout Tamil Nadu. In addition, a few students from different regions of our country and abroad attended our online spoken Hindi class and realized how comfortable learning in our organization. Most of our learners achieved their desired goals in their career after attending online spoken Hindi class under the guidance of our tutor Mrs. Sona Shanbhag.

What we Teach

We train professionals, new aspirins and students in spoken Hindi

India is the second fast growing global economy in the world.

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About Atharva

Sri Atharva Language Coaching has been established on 6th july, 2011 and is situated in Nanganallur. We conduct spoken Hindi classes. We also conduct classes for school students, and college students.

We provide spoken hindi, classes for working professionals, school students and others. We have Fourteen Years of experience in conducting language classes. We have trained nearly thousands of students in spoken Hindi.

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Students Testimonials

What our students say

I am incredibly pleased with my Hindi teacher’s expertise and teaching style. Am sure that within 30 days you will have a confidence that you can talk to someone in fluent Hindi.
Mukesh Kk
Hyderabad, Telangana
Excellent and friendly teacher. Active and lively class with real life dialogues and scenarios. Helps me understand day to day spoken Hindi and grammar. Daily practice with fine tuning is really helpful. Also provides audio lessons for home practice. Definitely recommend for spoken Hindi.
Dr Vani Vijay
Adyar, Chennai
I took Sona Madam’s spoken Hindi classes, and I really enjoyed them and learned a lot in a short amount of time. The advantages of studying with Sona madam include: 1) Simplified pronouns with Tamil translations, 2) Simple Hindi tenses and easy rules to remember, and, most importantly, 3) Conversation-based instruction that will give you more confidence when speaking Hindi. I gained a lot of knowledge and would strongly advise anyone who wants to learn spoken Hindi through Tamil to do so.