Attended Hindi Language

“Namaste Friends! I have a desire to learn a new language (Hindi) which could make me feel comfortable when I go places anywhere in India. My search period was long and finally identified Sona Ji. I am surprised to see such a great way of coaching (Interactive) for a language. I have just completed 3 days in my course however I have already started talking in Hindi with my Family members, few of my friends and colleagues by using the words I am familiar with and I am partially able to understand the conversations from opposite parties. Trust me, they said “it’s great that you started talking very quick” and their first question was “Who is your teacher? taught you to speak a new language (Not New Anymore) so quick?”. Hats off Sona Ji, day by day you are increasing my confidence about spoken Hindi. I am very proud to be your student. You are just Awesome! “