Attended Hindi Language

“If you are looking forward to learn or speak HINDI , then i will blindly ask you to join Sri Atharva coaching centre because the way she teaches Hindi is outstanding . On your first day you will receive all the learning materials . The best thing is she will first make you strong in basics which is very important in learning . Another great thing is the tips and tricks she gives you ,makes you to understand hindi by your own local language . Also most of the time , it will be a one to one interaction, which make u feel like spoon feeding. which is necessary to grasp the language more quickly . I joined one week before and i can confidently say that i am strong in basic and i can speak and understand basic hindi . Excellent teaching skills and she is very well experienced in other languages . i am saying with 100% confident that my next review will be in a very good Hindi ,that whats the coaching center is all about . Best of luck for other people who is willing to join . “