Attended Spoken Hindi Class

“I started out pretty much a guy who could just barely understand Hindi, having watched a few movies in Hindi with Subtitles. I wanted to get better at this, at both understanding the language and speaking it as well as my entire family knows Hindi. I was pretty much brought up in Chennai. I always had a bit of a disappointment in myself that I could just get it right and hence my hunt for the best Hindi class in Chennai started and finally found my master, my intellectual super to learn the language. Sona Mam is a meticulous, yet intelligent professional when it comes to teach you the language but she becomes a friend when she wants to make you comfortable. Been going to her classes for a while now and I had a tremendous improvement in my listening skills and I have started speaking in Hindi as well. She pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone to learn the maximum while making you feel comfortable about it. Sona Mam is helping me get my new year resolution in place. I totally recommend Sona Mam, and she should be your one stop point to learn your Hindi. ”